Is STORJ suitable for Data Centre size mining?

hello. today i just started mining STORJ in my office computer. it is very easy to setup by my windows 10 PC, its awesome.

i am interested in buying a server rack, provide more storage, like PiB size for mining STORJ. However i dont know is this plan profitable to do so. maybe STORJ mining is only for home miner? any successful example like FIL Team?

by the way, any telegram group in STORJ community? =D


Hi @davidkwan, this has been discussed and answered a few times before. You can search for ‘max size’ and check the Realistic earnings estimator for how long it would take to fill your node.

In short you’re not mining, just providing a service for which you are compensated. Due to the decentralised nature of the StorJ network having 1 PiB in one location is not helpful.

There is no official telegram group, but be careful of a few scam ones.


Welcome @davidkwan :slight_smile:
The only way to provide a lot of storage to the Tardigrade network would be to have access to many IPs, which should all be in different /24 subnets.

This has been implemented to minimize data geographical concentration, as the whole point of decentralized storage is to scatter files as much as possible all over the planet. That’s why it’s discouraged to build a Storj datacenter that would store massive amounts of data in one single place ^^


There’s an unofficial STORJ community Discord server: Storj Unofficial

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