Is test data prior to Production Release removed?

Hi all,

I’m running multiple storagenodes for a couple of months now.
From what I understand all this time there’s been testdata from to test all the functionality.
Very good so far and also very important!

But what I’m missing in this picture, how can SNO’s be sure all this testdata is actually removed from their nodes. As far as I know there is no way we can check this, but it would be nice if we could do so.

I’m asking this because 1TB Tardigrade program is open now, but I still see much data on my storagenodes!?

Can someone from the team explain how this actually works or can be checked?

Thanks in advance.

All data and egress bandwidth are paid, independently of “test” or not “test” data. You can’t be sure that customer would decide to delete their data. If they want - they will delete. If not - it will be kept until paid.

Please, do not count on any customers’ patterns behaviors - they are not existing.


Hi Alexey,

I’m not meaning customer data, but the data from for example last month generated by the “stefanbenten” satellite. From my understanding this was for test-purposes, or is this other data?

Hi there - we also discussed test data in our Town Hall.
Jump to this bookmarked timestamp in the YouTube video to hear our VP Engineering to discuss our plans with test data/ stress testing data, in the Q&A section

Hey Jocelyn,

Ah, maybe I missed this or didn’t understand it correctly… let me check this!
Thanks for answering.


Even the “test” data is a customers’ paid data. The QA is our customers too. So there is no difference from the SNO point of view for sure.

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Hi Alexey,

Sorry, but if I listen the Town Hall Question, this seems to be different!?
There will be a cleanup of testdata appearantly, which will also test the garbage process.

Maybe I’m interpreting these things all wrong… sorry if I do!

And added to that, what do you mean by QA, Quality Assurance?

I want to say only one thing - please, do not count on any customers’ behavior. Today they decide to delete data, but tomorrow upload a 1 TB, then do nothing for a whole month.
All behaviors are normal.

Ok, point taken and that’s clear to me, but that’s not what my actual question was refering to. (At least not what I really ment to ask).