Is the satellite 118UWp... healthy?

Nearly 90% of uploads requested by this satellite error out due to canceled context. The context gets canceled in 3-4 seconds after the initiation.

Does it happen because someone else’s node manages to upload the requested piece before me?

It’s not the satellite that’s the problem. Other nodes are just faster or closer to the customers using that satellite. I’m guessing you’re not in western europe. :slight_smile:
Don’t worry about it, you have the advantage on satellites with customers closer to you.


More like Western US. :slight_smile: I figured that was the issue. Shame I ended up with a bunch of shards from the users across the world though!

I am in California (not part of Western Europe at this time) and I am also seeing low success rate on uploads (only 20%) but 94% success on downloads.

I was wondering if there was something wrong with my setup, but this makes is sound like there are not many customers physically near me.

Am I reading this correctly?

You’re reading that correctly. This will likely change in the future when traffic switches from test data to more customer data.
You’re seeing a higher failure rate on uploads because there is much more competition. Out of 130 pieces, 50 fail. For downloads it’s 6 out of 35.

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