Is there a Lack of Customer or a Lack of Storagenodes?

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i follow this Project a few years now and sometime I read about a Lot of Test-Data and only a few Customer.
Then I read about too few Storagenodes to attrackt big Customer.

Whats the Strategy here? Do you need more Customer or more Nodes?

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There are enough nodes. More customers are required.

If you search the forum there were previous posts about growing the marketing team. From the Storj stats you can see there are 6-7PB of free space ready for customer data -


The stress test you referer was a success but showed two weak point:
Possible data loss in case a lot of nodes going offline and a possible bandwidth bottling.

The first was fixed with audit system, the balance escrow and the exit command.
For the bandwidth, they removed the software limiter in the node, and for now, considering the data usage we are fine, but in case, probably they will do something to allow more different networks to join.

For customers, they are doing a very nice job, a lot of integrations, gateway, and collaboration everywhere.

The project is going well, the customer and nodes need to grow together to ensure that all works perfectly.

The storage was never a problem, even if they get used the same nodes will just increase the disks because they will gain a lot. But they still use the same connection…the problem is there.


Long term the amount of available storage is unlikely to be a problem. If usage increases, that will attract more SNOs and many existing SNOs (including me) will just expand storage when things fill up. At the moment I think Storj can easily handle a doubling of customer demand in a very short period of time. Also because they can delete test data to make room. But of course you can’t just onboard an exabyte scale customer tomorrow. Think of it as doubling every few months at a max.

Furthermore, old posts are just that… old. Almost all data coming into nodes at the moment is actual customer data. There is still a lot of test data on the network, but there isn’t really new test data coming in. All signs say it’s looking quite good atm. As long as you don’t expect a leap from PB to EB scale, but rather a gradual though exponential growth towards that.


The public satellites are all heading in the right direction


But this is exactly what they have to do. Like the Ubers and BnBs. To get the word out there and make the world known that this storage solution exists and works. And I mean world not just the US.

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In the case of some Storj node operators (myself included) it can be stated that there is enough hidden/unreported free Storj capacity as long as Storj payouts per terabyte per month are higher than Chia farming rewards per terabyte per month. From this viewpoint, the answer to the question “Is there a Lack of Customers or a Lack of Storage nodes?” is: Lack of Customers.