Is there a system, which is: System + HDD?

For Raspberri users: is it true, that you can only mount HDD to Raspberry via USB? no SATA?

SATA to USB is how you do that.
Example: Amazon Link

Ordered this for my RPi, testing a complete build using a RPi 4 4GB

Yes, there are plenty of USB -> SATA devices.

But I’m looking for device with native SATA. Not via USB.

I tried Odroid HC2 (it has SATA), but found, that it can’t boot from HDD - requires SD card to boot. And then I couldn’t make it boot from SD card (may be I had wrong kind SD card…)

So, I’m looking for some other mini-device with native SATA

Odroid HC2 can use SATA for OS with openmediavault/armbian. It still needs the SD to boot but then does everything from the HDD.
Was using my HC2 for storagenode before I switched my homeserver to x86.

That’s true.

So Odroid system becomes: Odroid + SD card + HDD

Raspberri system: Raspberry + USB_to_SATA + HDD

Is there a system, which is: System + HDD?

  • So, it can mount HDD via SATA directly
  • So, it can boot from HDD, without need of SD card

I can only think of Synology. But Synology systems (which supports Docker) are rather expensive

On odroid HC2 the sd card is only used for the bootloader. It is almost like using System+HDD directly. The card is not written or read after the boot process.

Personally, booting from the SD is better in case the HDD fails. You still keep your OS intact and SD cards have around a 10 year lifespan compares to the HDD being around 3years (for most) under heavy load. Not saying HDD all fail in three years.

you can find a SATA HAT for RPI

I have a Nanopi M4 with this SATA hat - works great, though you’ll need a 12V power supply instead of the usual 5V. I don’t use this for Storj, but as my home NAS.

(Edit - I still boot off of SD, but I know there are other options for booting, especially if you get U-boot working)

You can use this as well:
Much more clean :wink:
I have 2 myself running on Storj, 2.5" and 3.5".

You can boot odroid from SATA drive as well.