Is there a time schedule when Storj will update the time schedule on the webpage?

It will be now very nice if Storj release a new release plan.
Last January you are talking about production. What’s going on ?

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this was already addressed in another thread

That thread is only visible to users with a trust level of 3, but here is a quote from @brandon regarding this:

Thank you for bringing up these concerns; we have not been great about sending out updates via our roadmap and development update blog posts for the last couple of months :frowning: sorry about that we have been trying to cut out all non-mission critical work so that we can meet our target of launching production in Q1 of 2020. With that being said over the last 2 months we have reorganized our teams around our companies high-level goals which means we have 3 teams now! A user growth team, a SNO growth team, and a Maintain team. The user growth team is focused on all end-user (anyone storing data on Tardigrade) functionality. The SNO growth team is focused on building features for our SNO community such as displaying held amounts and building native binaries. Last but not least the Maintain team is focused on the stability, durability, performance, and security of the network. These 3 teams are going to be coming out with individual roadmaps and a combined roadmap. here is a tentative version of the Maintain teams roadmap.

Once our teams stabilize and we are past this crazy push to production I promise we will get back on the cadence for updates we had previously been on which was updating our roadmap and posting a blog post by weekly!


Ah thanks. Because the link on the webpage is still old

Which link are you referring to?


hi @jensamberg thanks – Brandon says that he will put in a PR for this – thanks for letting us know so we can fix it!

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