Is there any dashboard I can check that shows the current estimated earnings in order to verify that I am actually properly enroled?

Hey there,

I just setup my node, and was curious whether there is a web portal where a node operator can check his current monthly earnings. I am running the node in raspberrypi on docker, the dashbaord shows it as online and data coming in and out, but would be good if I could check that all my config is valid, and that I am gonna eventually receive my share at the end of the month.

Maybe my ecr20 address is incorrect, maybe my identity is not properly configured.
My point is, how can I be absolutely 100% sure I am not running the node for nothing?
By the way, are payouts get distributed every 1st of each next month, the last day of the the current month, or some other day of a give month?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

So there isn’t any kinda web portal that will tell you how much you have made thats going to be later when they do add it to the dashboard, But Brightsilence has a script that you can run that can give you close estimates on how much you will make in a month. You can check it out here Earnings calculator (Update 2020-03-03: v8.1.3 - Now with Audit scores, Vetting progress and DQ indication!).

Its going to be your responsibility to make sure you enter the correct payment address and making sure that the wallet supports transfering Storj tokens out of it.

As for payment there normally sent the first 2 weeks of the month.

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Cool, thanks for the info.

How much time does the vetting process take?
It’s been a day and I am still at 0% with all satellites with Audit Score 1000.
From what does the vetting process depend on?

For audits since its random you dont know how many you will get per day per week etc. But it takes about a month to get vetted, Keep in mind you have to be vetted on all satellites.

Depends on having data on your Node, Your node being online.

The more data on your node, the more audits you’ll get. So it will start slow and speed up over time. Don’t worry if it’s still 0 the first few days.

Does each new node need to be vetted individually, regardless of a previously 100% vetted node using a token with the same email address ?

It is not clear from here:

yes, each node is separate and needs to be vetted. This makes sense as you use different hardware and just because your first node is reliable it doesn’t mean that the hardware of the second node is.