Is there have any chinese SNO here? my traffic is still under 1GB per day

Is there have any chinese SNO here?how long have you been a SNO and what is your daily traffic as a SNO?

i dont know what i have done wrong, and i dont know how to impove traffic now ! i have been a SNO for more then 50 days, and my daily traffic is still less then 1GB. storage data is only 41GB ! is that a normal situation in China? what i can expect?

i was plan to suggest some on my friend to setup a SN, but what situation i have make me hard to explain .

Could you please show a screenshot of your dashboard, and post results of running this script to show your stats? Did you use a command to restrict concurrency on your node? If so, please comment it out in your config file, as it is no longer needed and would help you get more traffic. Also, perhaps @pony could let you know if there is anything different you need to do to run a node in China.

I have heard SNOs in China mention low success rates on transfers before.

I have a script here that you can use to see the success rate of your node for uploads and downloads.

A low success rate is usually caused by high latency between your node and the uplink/customer. Unfortunately the interconnects with China aren’t always as low latency as you would like. One problem is that there are only three international entry points in Beijing, Shanghai, and in Guangzhou. These will be significant choke points in the international network. Furthermore, there is a lot of filtering and deep packet inspection in place in those locations to filter the international internet. This is not so much a problem for the network speed inside China, but significantly slows down international traffic.

All of this to say that for now, you may see low success rates. But if more Chinese customers get onboarded, your node will likely be first in line. Since at that point the rest of the world is at a disadvantage for those transfers.

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Ok, some good news. It looks like your node is still being vetted on 3 of the 4 satellites. Once that’s finished, traffic will increase.

Where it says all time stats as soon as your node reaches 100/100 it is vetted. Until that time the satellite will send your node only 5% of traffic you would normally see.

The satellite that is used the most (the one starting with 118) is about to be done vetting your node. You should see a good increase in traffic when that happens.

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i am using docker in synology nas, i dont know how to run your script. can you show me some command?

i have been a SNO for more then 50 days, is that normal for vetted for a so long time?

Running the script is very similar to the other script you used. On most nodes: ./
Or if you use a container name other than storagenode: ./ storjcontainerhere
Or if you write logs to a file: ./ /path/to/log/file/here

I think vetting takes a month on average, but it can vary. A low successrate can cause your node to collect data slower and less data means fewer audits. So I would say it’s not out of the ordinary.

here is what i got after run
seems not well

Yep, that’s about what I would expect to see for a node in China. It’s on par with other results I’ve seen. It’s actually not that bad. It’ll take a bit longer for your node to fill up, but the upside is that apparently downloads don’t seem to be effected so far. So while it takes longer for your income to go up, you may eventually build towards a similar income as other nodes. For now though this also means vetting takes about twice as long, which we already saw in your previous results. Hopefully it will get vetted on 118 soon and you’ll see a nice boost.

hope so …thank you for answer my question !

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