Is this normal December bandwidth?

Is all my node data from one user who went on holiday for half the month? This has really impacted earnings.

I would imagine many businesses and private individuals are on vacation at year’s end. So, this is likely accurate.

Node up to date? → V1.45.3 is latest.

Traffic should be similar to this:

p.s. Check for neighbors in your /24 subnet


looking at the bandwidth for both egress and ingress will give very different results for all nodes.
since this is a big node the egress is much larger, egress is also a bit random and thus can differ greatly from one node to another.

normal ingress should look something like this, its usually very similar between nodes.

in regard to egress its usually somewhere between 1/20 or 1/10 of the data stored on avg over a month … however it can be vastly higher in rare cases over limited time spans.