Is this profitable?

I have this hardware:
Intel core i5-4200U

How long have you been doing this? After a year I find it quite profitable


Its not gonna be profitable as a new node its not a race, it become profitable depending on hardware of choice + power.You also need to get out of vetting first. If you thought you were gonna be rich storj isnt for you.


The hardware almost doesn’t matter, except type of the HDD and how is it connected.

Hardware matters for the question of profitability. but since the OP didn’t even say a single word except a pretty picture, we’re actually wasting our breath/words…

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Everything has been said:

  • You first need to end the vetting process to really assess the potential
  • Some key “success factors” are important to have better chances of good revenues:
    • right choice of HDD: try to avoid SMR drives, SDDs and bad quality HDD
    • good and simple architecture: avoid to use network attached storage disks and prefer direct-attached disks (i.e. local disks)
    • keep a good and reliable Internet connection
  • Earnings are less predictable than “common” mining
    • your earnings are based on how much data are uploaded and retrieved by real customers. Downloads (data downloaded by the customers) are the most expansive operations and make you earn the most. But statistically: the more you store, the more you earn with downloads (egress)
  • You won’t get rich in months. You can have substantial earnings if your node respects some good practices as described above. But, without talking about “capital gain” strategy, you will earn some good amount of money but not enough to stop working :slight_smile:

And that’s where I like to cite @BrightSilence’s estimator to have a rough idea on potential revenues, have a look:

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19 Days, but in the day 5 my ingress go down

I have this one:

I have one intel core i5-4200U

For profitability you need power consumption and price, etc

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the laptop does not consume 240 W

You have only 19.3 GB of data. It’s very small quantity yet.

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Profit is of course an incentive.

However, it is important to support and develop the Storj project.

Nobody gets rich from it, but it should be fun and you get a little compensation

I know but I wouldn’t want to lose money on this

depends on your setup… if your system has low wattage usage pr TB stored, then you will easily have it make money… but it will take time… some months are good months some are bad months…
the worst months is when you are new and there is no significant amounts of data to go around…

but hey atleast time is still counting towards the full payout of what the node earns are the 9th month.
nobody can tell you if there will be coming large amounts of data any time soon but eventually there should be… storj has been very gracious with test data…
i’m sure they will get back to that eventually… just been passing that 6 month mark of operation and lots of upgrades and refinements they have been dealing with the in last few months…

which maybe why we are suffering a bit presently… also who knows… some of the most recent universities using tardigrade have been quite positive, which means we might see a lot more follow suit… and all of a sudden we might be the one’s struggling to keep up with capacity instead…

no body really knows… not even storj labs could tell you how the future will go, i think this can be very profitable with a efficient setup.

else you should try and do some math on it… but sadly since the network is 6 months old… we don’t really have much data to go on aside from guessing and test data…

it’s a gamble, i think it’s a good gamble, tho if your setup is a power hog then it is likely be a bad gamble.
and even tho who knows.

it depends, it depends, it depends…

The strange thing is this, the first days were very good but then everything got worse.

@Wargel like all of us: