ISP broke node with deploying CGNAT - any suggestions?

I did contact the registry a while back and there is a process I can follow to get the allocation reactivated. It’ll be a PITA to do but it can be done. But, like I said thankfully I still have all the documentation.


Please note that adding a VPN or port forwarding (to get a public IP from a VPS etc.) would increase the latency, and thus - decrease your income (other nodes would reply faster than your for part of the traffic).

Personally, I’d try to explain the situation with the ISP (I need a publicly available IP for my IP-camera), or change the ISP if possible.

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I thought so, too.
I have connected nearly all of my nodes via VPN and the successrates are the same as at My „native“ nodes and they are very good.
So in fact i would say it doenst matter much^^

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Around 2am last night our isp switches us back to CGNAT so I woke to a broken node again.
This time when my wife called they gave her the run around telling her the problem was on her pc.
Had to send them screenshots from the router WAN ip and before they admitted they had put the CGNAT back and this time they demanded payment to remove it.
As soon as our prepaid period with them is up we are jumping ship.


Jesus, what a shoddy service! I’m sorry to hear, but at least you managed to get your node back online…

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Oh, it’s worse than that… My wife used to work for them at one point. And when she met all her targets for sales and technical support, management turned around and halved her salary and increased her hours. Yes, I’m not kidding. Needless to say she didn’t go to work for them after that. Plus, we have just heard they are trying to block other isp’s from being able to connect to this new apartment building. It is what they did in the old Soviet era apartment block we lived in after I first moved here.