It’s time to upload your first object

I continually get the same email, even though I have uploaded many objects, setup the gateway and created buckets and projects. I don’t want my account deactivated. I only have one account. Am I missing something?

Upload to Storj DCS

It’s time to upload your first object

We emailed you a bit back, but it looks like you still haven’t used your Storj DCS account. It can be a little tricky getting started, but we’ve got plenty of resources to get you on your way to experiencing the unparalleled benefits of the decentralized cloud.

Upload your first object via the browser, S3-compatible gateway or CLI. Whichever you choose, you will be confident in the security and privacy of your data as your object is distributed all over the world.”

Hello @robdaly,
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Is it possible that you have used a Gmail email in form
In such case all mail for this address will actually go to, but for the satellite it will be a different email address.
If you can file a support ticket to, we can verify other email addresses related to your main address.
The attached example of such email from us can help too.

Hi @Alexey - I don’t use a GMail address and I’ve only signed up once. I’ll file a ticket as you suggested. Thank you.