J4105 for Storj

I just saw a forum that a quad core celeron was too weak to run Storj. Will the J4105 work well with Storj?

It not a true, J4105 is a perfect for storj.
I personally have one node with j3455 that working about an 8 month and everything is fine, I like this node

How many cores are you running per node? I was hoping to run a website and NAS, so I was hoping that Storj would only use one core.

I use all 4 cores for storj, unfortunately one core of this cpu is not enough for storj.

Would 2 core be enough? I’m now kinda worried about wheter I could still run a NAS and a website.

Yes, two is enough. You can present all cores for storagenode and your system it will enough for everything.