Just discovered my node was off-line. How to check status?

I haven’t checked on my node in a few days, discovered today it was off line due to a loose network cable. I’m assuming my node failed the uptime requirements, but I’m not sure how to check on that. And if it did, how do I get back in the game?

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Check the dashboard


I checked those and it’s on-line at the moment since I reconnected it, but I’m wondering if I’ve been out-cast for the long downtime. There used to be an external GUI you could check. Not sure how to check my node status as far as the satellites are concerned.

Disqualification for downtime is paused for now till they figure out how to better apply it. All stats are on the dashboard uptime & audit

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Uptimerobot.com :wink: configure port monitoring. Free. Helped me out a lot on my 3 snos :wink:


I woke up to find my node offline. What do i do?

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Follow this checklist: