Known issues we are working on

Hi @jensamberg I spoke with our product manager @brandon. He said there are actually 3 new roadmaps coming out. So in the next few weeks they should be visible. Thanks for paying attention, we love when the community does that!

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Updated to reflect the current version v0.33.4

That is interesting. Now I can’t edit my post anymore :smiley:

The bandwidth accounting offset is fixed with v0.34.2. No change on the other issues.

You can make it wiki.

Made it wiki

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“will be fixed” or “is fixed”? :slight_smile:

“is fixed” because the code is in the commit for 0.34.2

“will be fixed” would have been suitable when devs were working on a fix.

List updated. New known issues are:

  • Libuplink kills router DNS
  • Billing includes zombie segments
  • Remaining coupon value not updated
  • DQ after finishing graceful exit
  • Storage node payment dashboard showing wrong data

I’d say that uplink can kill some cheap routers (network cards or drivers) as well, not just their DNS.

I can’t reproduce that. I have upgraded my router (the old one was too slow for my new internet connection anyway) and the DNS issue is gone. I am running some cheap boxes here and they are running rclone with 4 current transfers just fine (beside the high CPU usage). I don’t see any issues on these boxes.

I managed to crash a “RealTek 8168/8111” network card (used as “inside/lan” port) of a pfSense router. The card lost its link for a few seconds and then stopped accepting packets. After reboot it worked, but starting the uplink again made it crash again. This happened uploading a big file (many gigabytes) rather quickly after starting the upload. Uploading a 100MB file worked. Uploading the big file over ssh worked as well.

And that is how my first attempt at using Storj for actual things (not just running tests) went.

Now, obviously, most of the blame goes to the network card and its drivers, but there should be some setting to limit the number of connections etc because I doubt that I managed to find the only router in the world that would crash like that.

How about we fix the DNS issue first and than you try again. I would like to see if that fixes it for you as well.

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Can’t the satellite just give node IPs to uplink instead of their hostnames? The satellite has to know the IPs so it can contact the nodes for audits etc.

Please read the description in the first post to understand what the issue currently is.

Sorry, I missed that. The uplink binary for Linux does not seem to do that for me at least (three DNS requests total).

How about we update this with current information and pin it so people can track it more easily?
For example the used-more-space-than-allocated issue.


I have updated the post and added the following issues.


@littleskunk would you mind adding a note that node suspension for downtime likely won’t be released in prod for another few months? Thanks!


@jennifer I would rephrase that. We need good uptime otherwise the repair job will cause problems. For that reason I prefer to not always write down the truth. Let’s better say suspension mode for downtime is currently not enabled but it could be any time. I also try to avoid time expectations. We do know that it is disabled at the moment, not all related tickets are in the current sprint, most likely it will not get finished in the next 2 weeks. I can say that with a bit of confidence. I don’t know which priorites we might have in the next sprint. For that reason a few month is no statement I feel comfortable with.

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