L2 Storj to L2 Eth transaction


I never made a crypto transaction and investigating how to change to Zksync I discovered that to make a transfer in L1 i need to have ETH while I only own Storj tokens.

My question is: If I change to L2 method, I will receive Storj-token in L2. I can obtain ETH making a transaction in the L2 layer? Or i need to transfer it to L1 before?

I ask that because if I can do that I will be able to operate with my L1 storj tokens paying with the ETH transfered from L2 layer.

Sorry for my English, hope It can be understood.


You can move the STORJ tokens in L2 around without having to pay ETH fees. You can chose which token you want to use for paying the fee. You can pay the fee in STORJ tokens. You can also withdraw to an L1 exchange without needing any ETH.

This doesn’t work for the STORJ tokens that you already have on your L1 address. You still need ETH to move them. You could deposit them to L2 but that cost you even more ETH fee.

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Thanks!!, then I will use the L2 layer to obtain some ETH and later transfer it to my L1 address and be able to transer the tokens I already have there.

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Check the fees in advance. You might be upset due to huge payments to get very few eth in results.