Large % of US2 satellite moved to trash?

this morning i had 34gb stored near 0gb trash
now i have 22.5gb used 12gb trash

other than the us2 being down there is no errors in the log did they just dump all the us2 data to trash ? ( the data in trash matches the size of the us2 data that was stored )


The us2 is a test satellite from what I understand and I don’t think that it is utilized by costumers. So the data might be deleted regularly because they will be doing some tardigrade tests that will have ingress of data and than deletion.

to summaries I understand it as a test satellite

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i assumed it was some kind of testing just sucks to lose 1/3rd of stored data and to stop getting audits due to near 0 stored data from that node

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That’s correct.

I get the frustration, but considering how little activity this satellite brings to SNOs right now, you’re really not missing out, don’t worry :slight_smile:


as a new node it was 30% of stored data as it turns out it happened just after i got vetted so its not so big a deal i have seen minimal data from us2 the last couple days but that may be due to the update not hitting my node yet 32% vetted on saltlake so that should help a bunch at the current rate i should see full vetting on that satellite in around 10-15 days give the current 5% a day unfortunately i have 0% on the other 4 satellites so that may take a while

I was a New SNO in December 2020. My 100% vetting was…
Saltlake in 27d
EU West in 31d
US Central in 34d
EU North still going 70d = 32%
us2 was 100% in 4d


Same here. I had 25 GB data from us2 that was deleted on 1st March. My node is still new (about a week) however vetting process is going good for now:
us-central - 7%
saltlake - 14%
europe and asia satellites - 1%

I just wonder why europe and asia satellites are so slow for me, since I am located in Europe?

in uk seems your vetting is going better than mine still only done us2 plus 31% on saltlake

Where are you guys seeing this ‘vetting’ information? All I see is this:

it was in older version of

It’s still in the current version. Just run the script without the month parameter.

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Could you please clarify it in the starter topic?