Let's address the Held Amount problem

with today rates it will be about 50GB of data in several days.

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New nodes are in vetting period and get less data unless the vetting period would be skipped with the deposit.

But that raises the question - why do it? Skipping the vetting period increases the risk for the network, and the adding the deposit requirement increases the risk for the node operator. So, the risk goes up for both sides for no good reason IMO.


Withheld amount has never stopped me shutting down a node when I wanted to. I’d say the process fails at that task.

The vetting period should stay on no matter what.

Storj advised in the twitter presentation they have modified vetting already but have not as yet given any details. At the least I think the speed a node gets vetted has increased.

Probably this:


I would definitely prefer to have the option to pay some modest amount upfront as I introduce nodes. I don’t like anything about the held amount. Vetting as it is makes sense to me, but I think the option of putting in my ante up front in order to receive more immediate payouts is the way I would go (given that option).

I am OK with held amount

what ‘problem’ are you trying to address? How would you get someone willing to sign up to the web3 storage token by requiring them to pay in? would much more like a scam. Pay $50 to make $$$ with spare storage! and then three months in you’ve barely made 1/8th that back.

With the Held amount you are covering your abrupt exit based on the traffic you get, the longer you survive without failures the less the total % is.

Perfectly reasonable, I don’t see any ‘problem’.


Yes, it would sound “scammy” for newcomers but it would be nice for current SNOs to have the option of bypassing the vetting process.
We know Storj, we know how it runs, it would be nice to be able to spin up another node and have it going “full blast” more quickly.