Link Sharing Setup Run Error

Hello @Alexey

I got this message with running linksharing

2023-03-21T10:29:00.147+0530 INFO httpserver/server.go:220 HTTP server started {"server": "Link Sharing", "addr": "[::]:20020"}

Is is okay?

Because satellite will request on port 8001 and when try to do so I got this

But this time my linksharing is running.

What am I missing?

I think setup final string for linksharing would be

linksharing setup --defaults dev --public-url http://localhost:8001 --cert-file="" --key-file="" --address=":8001" --auth-service.base-url http://localhost:8000

–address=“8001” This should be updated from your string.

and --auth-service.base-url should 8000 as per my gateway-mt and authservice configurations.

Please let me know if I am doing right or not?


Please try it. If Auth service is listening on :8000, it should be able to communicate with it.
You may also change the server: option in the config file for linksharing to do not re-setup it.

Hello @Alexey
I have updated as per new configuration now I am getting this error

Could you please elaborate it ?

I didn’t understand what to do with server : in linksharing config file…!!!

Sorry, I confused this option with the similar one in other services… In linksharing it’s called address:, not server:

Regarding 401 error - it seems cannot get permissions from the Auth service.

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Yes I already set
# base url to use for resolving access key ids auth-service.base-url: http://localhost:8000

Is there anything else I should configure?

@kar1 Did you specify auth token in linksharing’s configuration that you configured authservice with?

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Yes that is it…

I was missing that…

Thanks @artur