[Linux] [Docker] How to downgrade back to 0.35.* / 0.34.* version?

Since the new version is unstable for me…

May I know that how to downgrade the storagenode version back to 0.35.* / 0.34.* in linux?

Thanks guys~

That is not possible. The database migration is a one way ticket.

How is your node unstable with the new version?

Really!?..I am newbie…so I don’t know it can’t go back…

The dashboard shows that storage usage actually is different from what the local server sees…

That is not a problem of the new node version. That has been a problem for a longer time. The GUI shows a different free storage amount than you’ll find in the logs with each upload attempt.

I see…
But is there really can’t downgrade back to the old version?

The database migration is a one way road.

Thanks all.