Linux storagenode binary missing

It seems like the linux binary for the storagenode is missing in the latest release, it was included in 1.12.3 only. Is this to be expected and if so why?

Maybe it hasnt been released yet to linux?

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You are suggesting that it will be added to the binaries of the already released tag sometime in the future after the tag was already released?
Im not talking about docker images, which might be retagged later, but even docker images are built directly on tag creation, as it should be.

It’s weird that a binary release is omitted, because the rollout is handled somewhere else anyway.

I cant imagine them wanting people to build an unstable build to be dockerless right?

How is a released tag unstable?

Because windows gets any updates before linux for roll out to make sure its not unstable then linux gets it.

As i said before, rollout is handled by the updater itself, your node only updated if its node id is eligible for an update

The binary has been uploaded, thanks for head-ups!

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