Local test network


Is it possible to create a local test network?
I see storj-sim but it is only on one workstation.

My idea:
5x odroid - storagenode and maybe more storagenodes on different public IP/location
1x VM - satellite

Thanks for your time, Krystof

Hi @Krystof this has been asked before

The short answer is that it’s not suitable for that type of scenario due to the erasure coding requirements.

Storj-sim is only suitable as a throw-away test network. If you want to develop an application and play around with tardigrade backend, storj-sim will be your friend. Don’t try to store real user data on storj-sim. It is a test network only.

Everything else within this boundary can be changed. You can build a storj-sim network with 5 nodes instead of 10. You can also run these 5 nodes on different remote machines. That is all possible.


Wow just stumbled across this and seems very interesting I might try it out too

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