Looking for feedback - how should we onboard users to Storj DCS?

Hey everyone!

We are studying better ways to onboard users with a checklist with quick start guides, based on their use cases. We’ll ask about interests first, and then present 3 to 5 checklist items related to their preferences in the dashboard.

I’d like your eyes in these 2 mockups considering:

  1. What looks more intuitive and user-friendly to you? Option 1 or 2? Any feedback?
  2. What would be nice to have as quick start guides when using Storj for the first time?

Thanks for your time to help us improve our product!

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As a person who makes these kinds of decisions at the company I work for, it looks like you have your priorities backwards. «Review billing and pricing» is first, «Understand…» is second, only then I even set up the account. Then, I’m interested only in things that are permanently part of the UI (because why bother with something that’s only visible once). So… either of these proposals would work the same way, ie. I’d basically ignore that panel.

If you’d really want to help me onboard, you wouldn’t make a panel that I’ll only see once—you’d instead emphasize the UI elements that I ought to learn first and utilize for years.


I like the idea of the task list to get someone started and have them work through them. The order is subjective, though I agree that pricing as well as security is going to be most people’s first concerns. A lot of users tend to want to not only upload their first file, but share that file, either for streaming purposes or distribution. Perhaps a secondary task off uploading your first file guide, would detail what you can now do with that file. Access Grants, sharing, streaming, with examples.


Thanks for your feedback, @Toyoo !

Thanks, @Knowledge I really appreciate your inputs.

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As a tech guy, not really a developer, my assessment of new products/services has changed since I’m now the one controlling budgets. It used to be “Can I get it to work?” then “How much would it cost?”, but now it’s the other way around.

Although if this is an onboarding process I would definitely have already looked at the main website pricing page and been happy to investigate further, i.e. to create an account to test the service and see if it would work for my use case.


It makes all sense. Thanks for the feedback @Stob !