Low bandwidth since the day before yesterday

They have changed something that can affect everyone or is it just me.


The any customers’’ behavior is normal.
Please, check that your node have at least 1.21.2 version

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All good then?


Yes, it should be ok.
If your node not suspended, not disqualified and successfully passes audits - it working normal.
Also, if your node is full there would not be ingress traffic anymore until some customers deletes their data from your node.

No thats not the preblem it’s “empty”

Then there is no problem.
Please, check your log for errors: https://support.storj.io/hc/en-us/articles/360042257912-Suspension-mode to be sure.

Sorry but I think this is a problem, especially for newer SNO’s like me.
Our nodes will never fill up at this speed. It seems there are too many nodes and too few customers on this project.
The only thing that fill our nodes sometimes are strojlab tests.

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I recently saw a guy who had a node two months older than mine, but he had 2.7 TB used and I only had 600 GB

Where? We’ve already seen dubious screenshots in the past, so unless it’s legit for sure, it might be an altered picture. Things are pretty quiet these days on the Tardigrade network.

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It’s in spanish

I mean technical problems.
All new nodes should be vetted, the unvetted node can receive only 5% of current traffic until got vetted. To be vetted on one satellite, it should pass 100 audits from it. For the one node it should take at least a month.
So, the new node will receive less traffic by design. However, there is interesting point too:

I know you talked about technical problems, I just bounced off the “no problem” :grin:

My nodes are vetted (except for europe-north). My oldest node has been online for almost 3 months.
I have very low failed, low cancellation. My nodes are alone on there /24 subnet. All works fine for my part.
When i decided to start the adventure of storj, i did it with the informations found on forum, documentations, FAQ and the famous Realistic earnings estimator
Realistic earnings estimator is, i know, not an offical document, but i didn’t see a Storj staff said it is not quite accurate.

The reality is so far of those infomations…

What should SNO’s expect about data ingress in the near futur ? I think Storjlab have to be transparent with their SNO’s about customers data and test data maybe with an official Realistic Gain Estimator.
Storjlab make the weather with data test.
You may tell me that you can’t know the futur about customers use of Tardigrade but i think you have to try to estimate it and be clear with SNO’s

It is accurate as it represents recent network behavior. But I don’t update it with every short fluctuation. The reason is that we’ve seen dips and peaks in the past. In order to give the most likely future estimate, I don’t just go by the latest exact numbers. But I’m always looking for input. At this moment I expect to be lowering ingress estimates a bit more and raising the impact of vetting. But especially for the impact and length of vetting, I don’t have the best information myself as all my nodes are vetted. If you want to help, please point out in that topic which parts aren’t accurate according to your experience, so I can adjust as required.

I’m afraid you should expect to never get the full answer on that question. Partially because Storj Labs doesn’t know. Customers don’t necessarily tell them when they start uploading stuff.

If you read the rest of the topic, you’ve seen that there used to be one, which wasn’t accurate at all. They don’t have the information to make it much more accurate than a community maintained one (and keeping it up to date requires constant tuning) and lets be honest, an incentive to make it look a little better than it actually is. Though I don’t think they would intentionally do that, unconscious bias is a powerful thing. If we as a community keep it up to date, it’s a great check on official claims. So lets work together on keeping it realistic.

Edit: Made some small updates, see if it’s a little more accurate now. Ingress is still a little higher than you’ve likely seen because it used to be higher and that may return. So keep that in mind. The last 2 months have been between 300gb and 350gb, but in December it was over 700gb. This number fluctuates, so don’t just assume things will stay as they are now.

I have the same experience as you. I have a 2 month old node, 12TB space, it’s always online, vetted on 5 of 6 satellites and no fail errors in log. It must be down to low customer data quantities. It would be useful if there was a “Volume of customer data added” dashboard, so we had an idea of data trends.

Sounds right. my server is vetted at us2 and since then i get no traffic, just audit traffic.


Thank you for the clarification.
Thoses informations should help you to be more accurate :

My first node was created on 21/nov/2020. It took one month to be vetted by Salt Lake and one or two more weeks for the others satellites. The Europe-North satelitte still not vetted my node (69 audits for now).
Since 21/nov/2020, it has 461.91 Go of data.

One new node created on 01/feb/2021 got this audits :
us2 : 1567
saltlake : 8
asia-east : 28
us-central : 26
europe-west : 32
europe-north : 4
Since 01/feb/2021, it has 14 Go of data.


That actually explains quite a bit, thanks. I think you’ll see the customer facing satellites will be vetted by the end of the month as the process speeds up over time.

Both saltlake and europe-north are much slower these days. If you can it would be nice to see the progress by the end of this month. You could post an update on the estimator topic if you want. I already adjusted the impact of vetting in the first 2 months, but might need to tune further. Thanks so far.

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