Low disk storage on node

Is this normal to start off getting 20 GB of diskspace a day to 1 GB?

I have so much trouble starting a node. Later on i found out my storage desktop pc was defective…

New nodes are in vetting phase for first month so getting low traffic/data is normal.

Have you fixed the issue since then? Make sure it doesn’t affect this new node. If you face any problem do update this post or make a new thread for newer topic.

I can’t begin to tell you the problems i have with my storage farm. It was a real mess. Months later, found out it was because of a bad hard drive.

My new node is up and running and thank you so much. I will wait 1 month and i have 30 TB coming in soon.

Do u guys believe i bought WD elements 2TB for $10 USD? I bought 14 =D

Make sure they aren’t SMR

No, they are not SMR. Thanks for the heads up. Woo! 30 TB coming in soon while i have another 28TB right now. I want a big Storj farm! =D

Storj :heart_eyes:

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it’s been slow going during the last month… or thats my experience.