Low performance after 10 months

Earlier this year, I installed my first node with 2TB of free capacity.
Dedicatedly, a pc runs the application and through synology a 10gbit iscsi drive is attached to the shared storage as a “d:” drive.
This gives me much more flexibility in handling any host / drive failure or storage expansion.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have to expand, because despite my synchronous 1gbps internet access, I reached 1TB utilization after 10 months, there has never been a payment.
I’d like to know how they could improve on utilization because I’m a little disappointed, after nearly a year I didn’t even get $ 1 for “my job”.

Thanks for all the help!

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do you have any unpaid balance on dashboard?
what is your paymant methind Storj on ether or on zSync?

i made a storj address on coinbase, this is given to the node, so i know it’s compatible and usable.
I have attached my payout image.
I also find it interesting that I still live in the eu with the most traffic going to us.

Undistribudet payout is beause it not meat threadshold, because of high gas fees, one transaction pays about 25$ today. so there is 2 posibilitiest stay here and wait til gas fee drop, and sum will be bigger, or zSync, but until it no exchage that can make directly with zSync token transaction for me it not worth it, as you need to convert it to normal storj and it is expencive also.
I wold recoment rise bigger, if your node full add more, I made like it and today i get payment every month.

OK thank you
I can add more storage space (max 20TB), but 1tb was almost a year. I read that if 75% is full, it’s only worth expanding the storage space
thanks again for the info

if you have more places to put your node you can use it or spare external IP from different /24 network, then it will be like separete node

Sorry for the late response, but this…

seems very low. I suspect that while using iSCSI won’t lead to any immediate problems, it is likely causing enough latency for your node to miss out on receiving quite a few pieces.

I’m not entirely sure why you chose this setup. Since the Synology machine would be perfectly capable of running the node itself. In fact I have 4 nodes running on a Synology myself on different internal and external drives.

For reference you can use the Realistic earnings estimator
Currently it estimates you should have been able to collect around 3.5TB after 10 months. If you don’t have a lot more space to share, it may not matter anymore, but since you mentioned you have about 20TB, you would really benefit from optimizing your setup, As anything that leads to less ingress, will also impact the total amount of storage your node will theoretically get.

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