Malware bytes blocking Storj/Tardigrade URLs


I’ve become aware this week that Malware Bytes is now blocking tardigrade/storj URLs due to I guess someone in the community hosting shady sh!t

  1. Is this team aware of this? I doubt there’s anything that can be done, but this is kind of a blocker on using this for any commercial/enterprise purposes

  2. Is there any progress on the ‘vanity domain > storage bucket’ feature I mentioned a while ago - being able to tie our own domain to specific buckets and use that in the access URL would probably be a way of avoiding the actions of a small minority from impacting all of us…



Hi @believe

Thanks for reporting it!

We have taken measures in the past because of this, so I’m going to report to our security team.

Regarding your second point, I’m going to ask if that’s in our roadmap.

Thank you for your patience.


Very interesting.
How about an additional idea: Storj could reserve one (or more) domains for paying customers. Maybe tiered, so that a customer can select from several domain options.

Additionally Storj could offer a domain registration service for customers where they can buy one ore more domains tied exclusively to a customers account. Now when I think of it, this could be also simply a paid subdomain, on e.g.


Do you know about this Host a Static Website with the Uplink CLI and Linksharing Service | Storj Docs?

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I hadn’t seen that, so thanks for the pointer

This looks like it’s what I need, at least for HTTP - main reason we’re using Storj is to reduce on bandwidth charges on AWS etc. which is why we don’t just map a domain to the mounted folder on our server

The one part I don’t understand is the HTTPS bit - the proxy server is going to have to sit somewhere that ISN’T storj, correct? In which case, to use HTTPS we basically would be routing all the traffic via a server and therefore incur the bandwidth costs?

Sorry - think I get you now.

We use Cloudflare for DNS so (assuming it’s not fallen over like this morning) we could use that for serving over SSL

Will experiment with this and see how I get on - appreciate the pointer


Since this means they have specific signals of bad files being hosted on Storj it could be really valuable to create a working relationship with parties in the malware detection business to get proactive signals so you can take action. This may also allow Storj to be white listed if certain processes are in place. Are you working on such relationships with third parties?


Our security team is working on some tasks that have to be completed before starting to establish that kind of relationship.

They have told me that they will add this task in their roadmap.