Manually updating secondary node (multiple services, multiple GUI nodes)

I have read various threads about updating nodes, and understand that with GUI-installed nodes it is recommended to update them automatically using the updater service. Those who have Docker installations can choose manual or automatic updating, but also should preferably use the automatic way too.

I have two GUI nodes, installed using the Toolbox (I have a separate and slightly different question pending there). One node is marked as main, the other not. As intended, they have different services, ports etc. Because Toolbox auto-updating of secondary nodes is not working for me, I wish to find out how I can manually update my secondary nodes, since I cannot even start the node any longer due to an outdated version.

Since the automatic updater is tied to the main node, I either need to find a way to make Toolbox updating work, or manually update my secondary GUI node, since I will end up with lots of downtime if I don’t fix this.

Please help me someone.

In the Toolbox, select the desired one and click the Update button

This does not work for me, and I asked about that in a separate question in the Toolbox thread. :slight_smile: In this question I wonder how I can go about updating a GUI node manually, if it’s even possible.

In a way @Vadim helped me solve this issue, since I already had an updated “main node”. So the solution was to simply shut down both nodes, copy the storagenode.exe from the main node and replace the old storagenode.exe in the secondary node, then restart.

However, I would appreciate if someone could explain if it’s even possible to manually update a GUI node?

yes, you can download exe file from storj github and update exe file.