March payment drastically low?

Thanks for pointing out the surge payout 2.5x. I did miss that and I was asking myself why everybody is complaining, I got more then the calculator is telling me!!

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I also had really small payouts for March, 3 nodes made a total of 100STORJ ~ 9$
1x rpi 4 4gb ram with 6TB HDD
1x rpi 3B+ 2TB HDD
1x Dell rack server with 6TB storage allocated for storj.

The nodes are running since December, all of them on gigabit internet in separate locations.
Any ideas what the problem might be?

How long is a piece of string?

Run the earnings calculator script (link above somewhere) and add the numbers up.

Edit: Also, there was no “payments complete” announcement yet. Did you get 15 payments, one for each satellite and node?


It’s quite clear this puppet is totally wrong at least

I was disappointed with the payout as well. But it seems saltlake is not into my favour (April):
Egress: 7.76GB
Ingress: 1.5TB

The previous test traffic also resulted in downloads, and hence the payout was not bad.
I’m defiantly storing stuff for free.

I’m trying to calculate my “lost races” for download or if this just a glitch. But I’ve got almost 1.3GB of log files for the past two months and powershell is screaming at me :slight_smile:

EDIT: it took me 9 hours to let the powershell script run my logs, on a 12 core 8GB server. I have almost 0 failed downloads

But what does accepted means? I have a cancel rate of 38%


Sorry don’t understand piece of string? how can i check that?
Yes i got 15 payments in total for last month.

Previous month’s where not that bad, and being in the first months with the nodes, i didn’t really bother about not getting huge amounts, but now after 4 months is disappointing.

The earnings estimator is WAY WAY off, i think if people would actually know how much they would be able to make, wouldn’t join it thats why its “OPTIMISTIC” if it be realistic nobody would bother setting it all up, or monitoring it. Not to mention trying to reduce downtime to under 6 hours a month.

STORJ, you want enterprise reliability, but why don’t you pay us for it?
I think if things keeps up, we are better of installing nextcloud in a docker and selling cloud storage for friends for 2 dollars/TB/month.

In my case renting out nextcloud storage space would bring me 28$ / month.

STORJ we urge you to do something because people will leave the network. The only reason im staying is because I’m hopeful you can make everybody happy.


Sorry, I forgot the sarcasm tag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I meant, without any details nobody can answer your questions. What is the used space and the egress for each of the nodes.

Don’t use the estimator, it can’t predict what people really use. Use the earnings calculator script with your real data

this puppet is just eye powder :joy: for people to join the network.
you will never reach these amounts

Very impressive logic! *sarcasm off*

STORJ pays you 1.5$ per TB/month for cold storage. So even without any traffic (which is quite unlikely) you would get almost as much as you are expecting to get from your friends…

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fake storj don’t pay what you already have on the hard drive

I think something got lost in translation there. Since Storj definitely pays for what is stored on your HDD.

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STORJ doesn’t pay me 1.5$ TB/month, it pays me 25% - 50% - 75% and 100% depending on the month, The total amount you get is after you do a GE, that being said IF you do not get DQ`d in 15 months or have a catastrophic hardware fail…

By the way just think of renting out all our unused HDD space for personal clouds, where you charge 2$ / TB / month even if the usage is way under that… and i mean 2$ / TB is crazy cheap! For that amount you can get away with huge downtimes, nobody would care.

Don’t want to be a party pooper, i like the idea of STORJ, i like the community behind it, and i like being a part of it. But at the end of the day, we are not charity workers and we invested money in the equipment even if we use it for other things also, we invest time in keeping it functional, and the payment we get is at the mercy of “test data” , “client data” , surge payouts etc. And only God knows what we are storing on our HDD for peanuts.

At least being part of it for 5 months, i was hoping that i can build an rough estimate for how much money it would bring me / month, maybe even invest in equipment if it would bring back its investment in 24 months. But after all this time, i have no idea of how profitable something like this could be.

I know you are going to jump on me saying that this is not like mining crypto, i understand it. But for every business there needs to be a profitability calculation and after 5 months, i have no idea how i can make it. Since ive been running my nodes ( 3 in total ) , i made a total of 304STORJ tokens ( SINCE DECEMBER )

Are you running all these nodes in the same /24 subnet? Then it is expected that all these nodes share the same total amount of traffic as if they were a single node, and this means that it will take all of them 3 times as long to get vetted. While they are not yet vetted, they only get 5% of the normal traffic of a vetted node. Vetting a single node now takes more than one month, so I would be surprised if any of your nodes are vetted yet after 3 months running them while competing against each other. And even after 5 months, they probably just barely made it out of vetting stage. Of course none of this applies if you are actually running the nodes in different locations and IPs.

Also in the first 3 months, held back amount is 75%. starting in month 4, it will be reduced to 50%. You do not have to gracefully exit to get back half of the held back amount after your nodes have been online long enough.


They Absolutely do pay 1.5$ TB/M you may not you see it right away is another thing they need to withhold an amount to gain trust for a node.If people were making 100% amount right away why would be the incentive for storj to add a nodes to there network if the people could just get paid and stop there nodes right away…

No one in the right mind would rent hard drive space from someone without the ability of it being up when they need to access there data whenever they want too. Nor would it have the speeds that they would need. Storj has the ablity to stream videos at high speeds if you wanted to. Your not gonna get that from some random person selling “space” on there hard drive with Nextcloud.

No one said being a SNO was gonna be a get rich plan you will start making more once you get past the withhold amounts.

Getting invested is never a good idea you always need to feel out a project before spending any money into it, Time that I have spent on this project has been well worth it to me learning helping etc.

I cannot complain as I never spent anything to get into being a SNO I started with a free PC with hard drives I already had that were unused and just collecting dust anyways. From start to now im sure I made more then I would have if I just did nothing.


I did join the forum before I signed up, and did the math bases on what ppl was saying then, even that was no near what Im seeing now…

I’ve been running Storj since April 6, 2019. One node running on Synology RS3618-xs, 16TB allocated, 1Gb/1Gb ISP. No issues at all, only thing I’ve been doing is updating for each version released. I’ve not invested in any extra hardware for Storj as this server is running 24/7/365 for other purposes so every Storj is a plus.

Total earnings so far 4410.58 Storj so I’m a happy camper :slight_smile:


yes, but only rich would be able to live on that, that don’t pay for hardware or power. Let’s say you have 10TB used, so $15 a month. You need to keep all your drives spinning, and server running, software updated. You need to keep your ISP up, preferably some UPS. All for $15.

No one believes that “cold” storage is the income here, it’s download. It’s almost 20x - and it looked promising while in beta. Now it looks horrible.

I have 0,009% failed download rate, 100% upload and I’m paid shit. I would make more hosting a porn plex server.

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Most of us was not invited by then and you have been paid by fake money, test traffic. How was your revenue in mars or April?

well then go for it…
Nobody asks you to buy a UPS and have dedicated hardware running for storj.

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I think all of us have about the same earnings each month / node. I don’t expect to make big money on this and keep in mind that Storj has just been released to the public. Don’t expect 1 miljon customers from day one. It’s more interesting to see what kind of earnings we have in April next year.

I essentially provide this service to friends and family for free. For free, because I made it very clear to them that it comes without any warranty. If my place burns down, the data is gone. I don’t promise uptime and I don’t promise the data will be recoverable, because a home setup can never ensure those things. I wouldn’t dare to charge even a penny for that kind of service. They use it as part of their 3-2-1 backup strategy as a free off-site backup solution and the size is small enough that I don’t mind offering that for free. Nobody should be willing to pay anything for service like that. And nobody should be willing to accept money for a service like that as you would also be liable for data loss.

But back to the node. My node is making about $7 per TB stored this month if you account for egress as well. (not necessarily representative for other months) So your suggestion would be much much worse for profit anyway. Storj actually expects very little from you. And yet they pay you from day one, without knowing whether you can even be trusted. The trade of of having some money held back in the early months is absolutely fair, especially since you’ll even get half of that back when your node reaches 15 months. The other half is still all yours when you decide to leave the network.

Honestly, there isn’t really anything that competes with this. And the free market will show whether it is fair compensation or not. But since the supply side has never really been an issue for Storj, I don’t have good news for you if you think you should be paid more. Honestly, I’m happy that the financials are viable for Storjlabs at launch and they can actually make profit from customers. This simply means that for us SNOs it’s likely to stick around.

But free market cuts both ways. If it were super profitable, the number of nodes in the network grows really fast, because everyone want a piece of the pie. That means that storage and transfers per node drops, which will eventually mean some SNOs will drop out. It’ll automatically settle at a place where it’s profitable, but not unreasonably so. You’re never going to get rich of Storj. Don’t quit your day job. If you thought that was an option, you went into it with the wrong idea.