Migrate Data from Web2 to Storj DCS via Filebase and Flexify.IO

This is so nice:

Flexify.IO helps companies realize their multi-cloud strategy by creating a cloud-agnostic storage layer, enabling flexible data migration across clouds.

Starting today, data can now be migrated onto decentralized storage networks, thanks to this native integration with Filebase.

Flexify.IO is a major provider of migration services that has allowed data owners to transfer over 20 petabytes of data and billions of objects over just the course of the last year.


Is it a typo or does Flexify really charge 3 cents per GB for migration fees ?
That adds up to 30$ per TB which seems like a lot.


An Example of ROI: Moving Data from S3 to Backblaze B2 Using Flexify.IO
If you currently store 100 terabytes of data in Amazon S3, you are now paying $2,300 per month. Migrating this data to Backblaze B2 will reduce your storage cost to $500 per month. If you attempt this move without Flexify.IO, then your cost will be around $9,000 and will require significant personnel time. Migration expense with Flexify.IO to Backblaze B2 is only $4,000. Taken together, these moves would lead to $1,800 per month in savings after two months!

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Very interesting read thanks !