Migrating node hardware

Good afternoon everyone,

I have a node running from a shelf unit now since end of December with spot-on uptime and, as I happily noticed a lot of data coming my way lately , I was looking at moving all the hardware into a bigger and cooler (temperature-wise) tower unit with many bays for future expansion.

All this should not take me more than 2 hours including testing and troubleshooting but I wonder if there’s an ideal time of the day or month to do it.

Many thanks in advance,


Theres never been a better time as theres no uptime DQ in place yet so this would be your best chance.

I wasn’t aware of no DQ in place … yay!

Thanks a lot, deathless.

Keep in mind that disqualification is active, just not uptime disqualification. If you accidentally deleted the node’s files the node will get disqualified

I guessed so, although thanks for pointing it out.