Migrating Windows docker container didn't go well

I decided to migrate from windows docker container to standalone windows node client. Docker was using “D:\soragedata” for storj data. So I pointed the same path during windows client installation. Everything seemed fine after installation, node went online. Until today, 4 days after upgrade I found that my node has been put on pause on all satellites. I’ve started to look for a cause. And found, by accident, that I should have pointed to “D:\storjdata\storage” for windows client instead of docker’s path “D:\soragedata”.

So I’m afraid that I might have lost my 4Tb node (

Does anybody know if there is a chance to get back into project?


Mail to storj support and describe your situation. They might be able to help you

If that doesn’t work you can always set up a new node but you will get less data the first couple of weeks and a larger part of the payout will be held back again.

When migrating window docker to GUI you need to point the storage folder \Storage\storage
You can edit the config.yaml and just restart the node, Goto the exact location and just copy and paste it to the config so theres no errors.

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I wonder why GUI has to behave differently than docker. Why store it in storage folder rather than directly inside the folder given in the path?

Because with the docker setup the folder is a config folder with a storage sub folder. On windows you only point to a storage location and config is stored elsewhere.