Minimum healthy piece drop

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I went through the dashboard and saw that there was a huge drop of the minimum healthy pieces on all satellites in March. The rate dropped from 57 to 38 in less than one day. Anyone knows what happended there? Was it one big player that left the network or maybe connected to the war in ukraine?
Healthy Pieces EU1
As far as i read in this blog article the repair threshold was raised one day later to 60. On all satellites the minimum healthy piece is hovering between 50-55 at the moment. Could it be that the network is not able to keep up with the files that need repairs or does it just take a couple months more until the set limit is reached?

Thanks for some inputs from the community or team :slight_smile:
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I don’t think it’s that it’s not able to keep up. If that were the case you would see the number dropping. I think this just that there are now so many segments that it’s not strange that a hand full might drop by 5 in a short time. Since this reports the absolute lowest availability you’re by definition seeing an outlier here.

There is some info about how repair workers work now here: storj/ at 95d85c640cacbe878031495ccf9c7ef2066a7f3c · storj/storj · GitHub
It doesn’t speak about scaling, but the way it’s set up makes it pretty easy to spin up additional repair workers I think. So I’m not worried about there not being enough capacity to do the repairs. There is also a lot of margin still built in, even if availability drops to 50 from time to time.

Around that time there was a news cycle where it appeared Russia was threatening to disconnect from the global internet. Out of an abundance of caution, not only did we raise the repair threshold, but we marked all storage nodes in Russia as not counting towards the healthy amount. This of course suddenly and dramatically dropped object health for a while.

I believe we have since dropped the repair threshold back a bit, and everything now appears to be operating normally. Good attention to detail!


thanks a lot for those clarifying answers. now it makes sense why the count dropped dramatically as it did :slight_smile:

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