Minor bug finding 8.2TB Total Disk Space

Hello together,

there is a wierd minor bug currently in STORJ.

When you type in 8.15TB as available data it is correctly moving it to 8.15TB.

But when you type in 8.2TB of data it is somehow made to 8.25TB in STORJ.


Can someone create a ticket for this?

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi @Walter1
What type of node do you have and how are you making the change? This doesn’t occur on my Windows node.

Hey Stob, it is unRAID. Actually it is 8.246TB and then showing as 8.25TB. You can see the 8.246TB in the Grafana Dashboard.

Oh, yes the dashboard truncates at 2 decimal places. It should round up or down depending on the value, i.e. 8.243 shows as 8.24 but 8.246 shows as 8.25.

Or are you saying you’re setting the value to 8.2 but the node is reporting 8.246, which shows as 8.25 in the dash?

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