Missing 5 .sj1 files of 3.2 million - end of node? 'Resilver' of objects?

I’ve actually found something bad’ish related to this; I cannot view ‘all satellites’ on the dashboard - it gives me no traffic information. Selecting individual satellites works fine.

When I select ‘All satellites’ I get (in web console); error "consoleapi storagenode: …disk image is malformed" - and error "consoleapi payouts: payouts service: payouts: database disk image is malformed" so apparrantly something did get effed. (The errors are shown in responses from every individual sattelite too)

Based on this, can that be fixed - or should I GE the node? - or will that fail too?

At this point you should actually be working for Storj Labs…officially I mean, not only in the way you already kinda do :wink:


I followed How to fix a "database disk image is malformed" – Storj the graphs are showing correctly now, however, I lost some data in the .db’s.