Monthly earning values got to zero

in node dashboard current month earnings, total earnigs and held amount got 0 values. where to look for the problem? same all 0 in “payout informtion”
yesterday was ok

Hi @Rera, check for the *.db files and check the logs…

doing db repair sequence (commands in power shell bellow)
anyone know what is problem with error “no such table: version”

PS C:\sqlite> Get-ChildItem C:\sqlite\seni\piece_spaced_used.db -File | %{$.Name + " " + $(c:\sqlite\sqlite3.exe $.FullName “PRAGMA integrity_check;”)}
Error: database disk image is malformed
piece_spaced_used.db *** in database main *** Page 3: btreeInitPage() returns error code 11
PS C:\sqlite> cp c:/sqlite/piece_spaced_used.db c:/sqlite/piece_spaced_used.db.bak
PS C:\sqlite> c:/sqlite/sqlite3.exe piece_spaced_used.db
SQLite version 3.35.5 2021-04-19 18:32:05
Enter “.help” for usage hints.
sqlite> .mode insert
sqlite> .output dump_all.sql
sqlite> .dump
sqlite> .exit
PS C:\sqlite> Get-Content dump_all.sql | Select-String -NotMatch TRANSACTION | Select-String -NotMatch ROLLBACK | Select-String -NotMatch COMMIT | Set-Content -Encoding utf8 dump_all_notrans.sql
PS C:\sqlite> rm piece_spaced_used.db
PS C:\sqlite> c:/sqlite/sqlite3.exe c:/sqlite/piece_spaced_used.db “.read c:/sqlite/dump_all_notrans.sql”
Error: near line 2: no such table: versions
Error: near line 3: no such table: versions
Error: near line 4: no such table: versions

same is with:

@Alexey can you advise on the databases. This is outside my knowledge.

Are there database related errors in your node’s logs? Or other errors maybe?

If it’s definitely your database files, here are some additional info that may be worth checking out:

Maybe it’d be wiser to wait for @Alexey’s input as suggested by @Stob though.

In any case if your database files got corrupted, it’s probably a good idea to run a disk check to make sure the disk isn’t starting to fail. Because if any lost database file can be recovered and will do almost no harm to your revenues, losing data cannot be fixed and could be a fast way to disqualification if not caught in time.

You can recreate empty databases instead of broken:

  1. Remove broken databases
  2. Move remaining databases to the backup folder
  3. Start the storagenode
    It will create empty databases
  4. Stop the storagenode
  5. Restore backed up databases with overwrite
  6. Start the storagenode
  7. Check your logs.

Part of stat would be lost, but it should work.