Move data to another disk

Hello, and sorry for my english ( i am french )

I read a lot of docs and posts in the forum

I just bought an external hard drive and i would like link this to my node. Actually my node run with data in C:\ and i would like transfert to my new drive (name X:.
My identity is on C:
My config.yaml is on C:

I actually run a node, the datas are stored on C:\storj

My disk name would be X:
And i would like store date in X:\Storj_data

If i understand all i read :
This link is to transfert between 2 device. In my case i just want transfert between 2 disks, on the same device

i need to :

  • Robocopy when my node run, copy C:\storj to X:\storj_data
  • Shut down my node
  • Edit config.yaml and edit the line "storage.path: X:\storj_data
  • Robocopy during my node is offline
  • Restart my node

I think i dont need to touch the path on my identity and config, because they stay on C:\

My goal is to dont break my node, so i need our advice please
Have a good day

You can move identity to the disk with data too, because identity without a belonging data and data without identity are useless.
If you messed up something, the node will not start.

OK Alexey i will try, thanks

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Well, i break all my node…

I restart from the beginning :confused:

How you managed to do so?
Did you reinstall the node? this is the only way to break it after move and have a wrong path/identity

i manage by processing my first post

I has a lots of errors in log, database mainly

I try lot af things but i think i made mistakes with blobs, they seem desyncronise with the others

So after 3 hours, i delete all and make a new install

I am not very accurate in IT :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not a big problem for me, now i have a good install, so i hope !

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