Move node from 1TB HDD to xxTB HDD - Windows GUI installation

Hey Forum. I have two nodes on a windows server:
node 1: fully vetted 1TB node - 100% full - config with windows GUI :confused:

Node 2: fully vetted 12TB node - 20% full- made with docker :smiley:

I want to move node 1 to a larger harddrive to keep its “vetted” status - but how do i do that?


Is this guide not for moving from one machine (windows) to another (linux?)
I want to keep it on the same machine but change HDD

Read the whole of that thread :+1: - How to migrate node to another disk

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do you want moove old node to new hdd and destroy second node?
if you have 20% full alredy on that it shold be veeted already

node 2 will not be touched.

node 1 will be moved from disk A (1TB) to disk B (xTB)
Then disk A will be unplugged
makes sense?

Thanks alot :slight_smile:
i will give this a try

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As iremeber it is bad idea to have 2 node on 1 disk

i dont. i dont think you under stand what i am trying to do :slight_smile:

Have you looked at this?

It has a section where essentialy you are doing a robocopy.


  1. Run the robocopy command.
  2. Run it AT LEAST 1 more time, to make sure there is a negligible difference.
  3. Turn off the node, run robocopy 1 more time.
  4. Transfer identity, and triple check data was moved.
  5. Uninstall windows GUI storage node.
  6. Reinstall the windows GUI storage node, this time pointing to the new drive which has the data + identity + DB location
  7. Skip the authorisation steps
  8. Node should be working now

Let me know if that works for you


Thanks a bunch - in point 3 you mean shut off right?

Point 3 is power down and copy.

I recommend running robocopy a few time before going to point 3.

On my Linux setup, I would run a rsync a few time until it was under 10 minutes for a run, and then I would power down and run a final sync.
This helps reduce downtime.

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yea - makes great sense

Yes, it should be turn off. Fixed the typo in @thelastspark’s post.


Fixed the typo in @thelastspark’s post.

Hahah :sweat_smile: thanks for the fix!

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