Move nodes between hosts under same IP/port

I am wondering if there is a “recommended” way to move between hosts under the same IP/port without downtime.

My interpretation is that you can’t just bring the same Storj node under a different node otherwise it can cause corruption to the database? Please correct me if I am wrong.

So, the steps to avoid it is to first plan everything but not yet star the node on the new host. Then shut down the moving node, copy the entire database/contents to the new host and start it on the new host. Right?

When you are moving to another host you are moving your identity & data. You won’t create new node then move the databases. Your node’s identity is unique.

Under linux there are commands to copy with rsync while the node is running then rsync again with delete flag so there is lesser downtime.

Did that help?


Reinforces what I had as an idea of what happens.

Although I would like a confirmation of what happens if you mistakenly happen to have two identities online with “similar” data.

Considering 1 is the original node with correct identity and data the second with wrong identity but first node’s data would have zero rep IMO.