Moving funds from zkSync Lite to Era and to fiat (my way)

The lesson here is: if you have storj on L2 you cant get rid of, put it in the liquidity pool. (if you have ETH to match)

Yes, I have considered to add the liquidity to the pool, but I don`t have ETH to balance Storj and was too frustrated to trying to understand how SyncSwap pools works at that point.

I have 500+ storj to swap, closest way I have found is to bridge to exhange L1 address using
I don`t understand the claim process there, nor I found good info about it any other than this and this, but I am learning as I go with bridging 1 Storj :slight_smile:

If anybody wants to add ETH liquidity to the SyncSwap pool, please PM me, I will balance that with my Storj, seems that is possible.