Moving house - no internet for 3 weeks

I’m due to move house tomorrow and unfortunately my new house will have no internet available for at least 2-3 weeks. My node is nearly a year old and I’m a little concerned that I will be disqualified due to this downtime.

I have seen some posts around this from a couple of years ago where there wasn’t any solutions so not sure if there is anyway to gracefully pause the node before hand.

Thanks I’m advance

Hello and welcome.
When I moved to my new house I made sure I transferred my internet around the sametime I moved in my new house. Is that not possible for you to do?, because your only allowed a total of 288 hours of downtime.

Any chance you could temporarily set it up at a friend/relatives house until you have internet setup at your new house?


Unfortunately not as the new house is a new build and I need to wait for openreach to install the fibre and the ONT (UK house) which is where the delay comes from.

2-3 weeks is fine, the cut off if there is one is a month or more…
ofc you will get some deletes because of all the downtime and you want it to be stable when it comes back online.

don’t think there is a cut off, this is incase of disasters and such… a node offline is inconvenient. the data stored is still good and perfectly viable for the network when it eventually comes back online.

so yeah don’t worry about it…

Are you sure? 288h of allowed downtime is 12 days. After that the node will get suspended and will have up to 7 days to get back online until definitive DQ, see following thread for more details:

Plus, as you mentionned, the node will indeed have a lot of data loss on such a long offline period of time.

I wouldn’t “not worry about it” personnally and I think @RobTurbo’s suggestion is worth investigating.

There is a part missing. After 7 days the nodes has 30 days to get back to a healthy uptime score. So that means 12 days + 7 days + 12 days = 31 is the maximum downtime.

However after 30 days downtime in a row there is another disqualification rule in place. So you can’t stay 31 days offline in a row.


thanks for confirming the 30 day limit… had been wondering about that…

that does mean that storjlabs will have to make special rules in case of disasters and such…
but yeah not really my problem… i totally get why one would want a limit somewhere.

Maybe use mobile mobile data and noip service temporarily. But would they suspend your sim card for 15-20GB of daily traffic?

Three wouldn’t on their unlimited data plans. I’ve run into many hundreds of gigs per month, numerous times Nothing said. Even been told by three employees that they’ve heard of companies tethering by mobile whole networks temporarily and transfering massive amounts of data over 5G. I’ve been with them years and never had an issue.

You also need to have a port forwarding feature for the mobile internet, which is usually not exist on smartphones and 4G/5G networks uses CGNAT by default.
So you likely will be forced to use also a VPN with port forwarding feature.

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in my country stati ip on 4g/5g and there is no any cgnat anymore. bat it is 6$ a month.

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would need a decent amount of data, checked my service provider and a 7TB node.
this month which has been rather slow its used 288GB meaning with that avg a month would be near 1TB atleast.

only one subscription provides unlimited data, and it’s 30$ pr month.
so it could work, ofc it might also be slightly dependent on location, if its a busy location for mobile network, then the bandwidth might not be great.

but yeah seems like mobile could be a viable option,
duno if my provider runs CGNAT, but it is 5G

there would ofc be the benefit of having internet for 3 weeks in a new house rather than not, which might be a pretty deal depending on the household.

The node would need to be online only. So he could limit available space to what he has and would only have to handle downloads. Also he could put the node offline like every 3 days or so.


Yes, it could be provided as an additional option. But you still need a router (or special application on your smartphone) to forward ports.

That wouldn’t change much. Comming back online every 3 days for let’s say 5 minutes out of a 12 hour window would still count as almost 12 hours downtime. The node would still get suspended and later disqualified.

No, I mean run the node 3 days, put it offline 1 day = 2 days downtime per week = 6 days altogether. Just for saving bandwidth.