Moving Node Data Disk->Disk including reducing & expanding Node size

I have been running my first Node for 1 month now, i understand it is a ‘slow start’ process with Audits for newcomers to be done and trafic being slow rigth now, BUT, in all the documentation i was prompted to use 3Tb minimum, so chose my 4Tb HDD to ensure i have the 10% extra too (4000Gb HDD = 3.6Tb Formatted = 3.3Tb Storj Node with 10% extra).
I have amassed <100Gb in the first month. I would like to reduce the use of my HDD to 2Tb until Storj actually uses it but dont want to waste the 100Gb i’ve ammassed so far. Then expand to 4Tb once Storj actually needs it.
From what i’ve read, i cant do this. I cant even see how to move a Node without it being onto another PC (i’m Raspberry 64 bit but same thing).
If this can be done the documentation needs clarifying either to get me to that info or to make it clearer.

Can anyone advise on this? If i’m only due 100-200Gb growth per month then i might as well quit now as 2-3 years to fill my HDD is a waste.

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Can’t you just use the HDD for whatever you want and then start deleting your own files as it fills up with node data?

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Hi, this is all possible :slight_smile:

  1. Easiest is to modify your docker run command, to set the disk usage limit - I personally would go for 1TB, you can easily expand later. Then stop, and restart the node using new parameter.


  1. You can use Rsync to copy the data off onto another machine, and start the node there (Just make sure you also copy the identity folder)

  2. Storj Node doesn’t lock the hard drive usage, so you are free to use the other space for other stuff like Samba shares or other things. You just need to make sure you don’t run out of disk space !

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the node should stop ingress if it runs out of room… so even if you set the limit to 4TB on a 4TB hdd you could still go in a use 3TB for your own storage without it affecting the storagenode when it uses like say 100GB… no matter what the capacity is set to

its more of a max limit than a minimum, you can always utilize the unused space on a hdd used for storj