Moving on from storj

I’ve been an node operator since nearly the start of storj and I’m moving on. I’ll be curious to see how much space storj loses with “proof of time and space” crypto starting up.

It would have helped if I got some level of payout since December.

Thanks for the project, it was fun while it lasted!


It’s still going friend. :slight_smile:
Good luck with your other endeavors, hope we’ll see you back one day.

Don’t forget to do a graceful exit to get your held amount back with your remaining undistributed payouts. We’ll take care of your nodes data while you’re gone. :wink:

Just out of interest, how much used space do you have across your node(s)?

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How does one do a graceful exit?

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You can be offline for 288h before getting suspended (not even disquallified), so I think your fear is a bit unreasonable. Relax a bit :slight_smile:


This 288h offline time does not make any sense. Just got disqualified from
Last downtime was on February, lasted 37 minutes. Monitoring checks from 5 locations every minute if port is up.
However dashboard shows something else
Actually im very dissapointed, 14 months for nothing.

Yeah because you didn’t get disqualified because of the downtime but because your audits failed. So your node might have lost those files or access to them.
And it is only on satlake. All other satellites are fine and your node will still receive traffic from those.


There can’t be any file loss, im using this server as my nas, 2 parity drives and 16 drives for data.
This disqualify does not make any sense, totally random. No point to continue, saltlake was only node that took some money to home.

You’d have to check your logs on why you got disqualified and you might be able to ask the support if you can’t find a reason.

The disqualification can happen because of too many failed audits. Disqualification for downtime can happen only for more than 30 days offline.
Audit can be failed if your node is online, responds on audit requests but:

  • did not provide a piece for audit within 5 minutes, did the same two more times for the same piece;
  • have provided a corrupted piece;
  • is unable to provide a piece, because it’s lost (or the node is lost an access to it).

Too many failed audits in row and node will be disqualified.

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I had something similar happen, I posted about it here:

I think the client should not report anything when it loses access to the data (as mine did). I have ignored us.2 since I didn’t get much traffic from it and I seem to be doing OK.