Moving to new IP

tl;dr: need to downgrade instance after memory leak fix but will get a different IP, how to avoid being penalised?

Heres an interesting one for you. Back with v0.14.11 when we had that memory leak to try to stave off the madness I upgraded my instance to a larger one. Now that the leak has been fixed I would like to move back to the old one, but downsizing an instance is not possible.

I have the option to buy a new smaller instance and migrate the docker back - the 4TiB storage slab I use is hot swappable and can be moved back with ease. However, I will have a different IP at the same facility.

What can I do to avoid being penalised for moving from one IP to another, if need be? I won’t be running any simultaneously, it would be down with one and up with the other.

Shouldn’t be a problem. If you are using a domain make sure the domain is updated to point to the new IP. For DDNS that would mean running the DUC on the new IP. For other domains, just manually changing your IP address in DNS records.

If you were already using the IP in the run command, it’s just a matter of changing the IP in the run command, removing the container and recreating it with the changed parameter.

Don’t forget you would need to move both your data and your identity.

You won’t be dinged for the IP change. Satellites do cache IP’s, but if they can’t find your node at the cached IP they will always do a kademlia lookup for your node before concluding it’s down. If your node is online, they will find it at its new IP and update their cache. Simple as that.


I can do all of that, no problem. Thanks!