Multi-Tenant WebApp for SNO Data Management

I’m a full stack dev, running several nodes. I’m thinking of building a responsive web app (React web client and GraphQL API … this is my specialty) to support a variety of data my nodes are generating. I use the local node client and @BrightSilence to give a good view of what is going on as far as health, earnings, vetting, etc … I know there are other useful scripts as well the community has built.

I think it would be efficient to build off of what is already doing and extend that to optionally allow for sending the data (as JSON) to the API I would build. This could be sent at any frequency to the endpoint and then each participating SNO would have a good historical record per node

From there the sky’s the limit in terms of analysis, charting, reporting. We could also build in some sort of health alerting per node.

Is there interest in using such a tool to aggregate this data? It would be a community tool and help drive the value of the ecosystem IMO. The SNO would decide what nodes send data to the API (some sort of registration in the web app and configuration of an api client (like on the node itself).



I think SNO’s would like to use it, so long as it doesn’t compromise their Node’s security and privacy.

Yes, that would be critical, that’s why the nodes would push data to the API only and everyone’s data is isolated from access.

Obviously, this is a fairly large effort and I’ll likely build it for myself first and once I like what it’s doing would open it up for community beta usage. I have server resources already, so it’s really just my time.

I really like the Storj project and hope it’s successful long term. It’s right in my technical wheel house.

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