Multiple nodes in windows 10

I would like to know how to run multiple nodes in windows 10.

I have two nodes.

The oldest node I just moved to a new 12TB hard drive.

The newest node I just passed to a selected raid 0. With 3 3TB hard drives. The motherboard has 4 sata ports. I have 4 3TB hard drives that I could use.

I have the following pieces:
Two old pcs.
A new 12TB hard drive
Four old 3TB hard drives

I would like to take advantage of all the pieces and not buy new hardware.

I have tried to install linux twice. I do not know how it works. When trying to create the node there is always a problem. You cannot create the node. Linux is not a solution for me.

The official answer would be to use docker on windows, but I actually would not recommend that as docker on windows has a lot of issues. The alternative is not an officially supported setup, but uses a community provided solution.

@Vadim made a toolbox for windows node operators that helps you set up multiple windows nodes. I haven’t used it mysefl, but it has gotten positive feedback from others. You can find it here.

That said, I highly recommend you get rid of the RAID0. That’s a very fragile setup and you will lose all your progress if one HDD dies. You don’t need to run 2 PC’s to run these nodes. Pick the one that uses the least power. I take it you already started the node on the RAID0. I recommend moving that node to the 12TB HDD. Wait until it’s vetted on all satellites (except stefan-benten, that one is hardly used now). Then you can start the other nodes each on its own 3TB HDD. The reason I say you should start one first and wait with the rest is because vetting would otherwise take a long time. If your first large node is up and running, that doesn’t matter much anymore as you already get as much data as possible when you have at least 1 vetted node. So the other 3 can take their time.

For followup questions regarding the toolbox, please ask in the topic I linked so @Vadim gets pinged with your questions.

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I put both nodes on the same pc with toolbox.

do you have further details on how to add more NODES using the toolbox?

I would suggest looking at the GUI toolbox forum thread and ask there if you have further questions.