Multiple Nodes operator - Auth Token process

In the case of a storage server with multiple disks, this post recommends to run one node per disk instead of a single node.
Likewise if I have many servers and I want to run a node on each of them.

How do we get many tokens at once? Should I fill the form X times for every node I want to setup?
Since it takes a couple of days to get an auth token, I assume it’s done manually so I’m afraid that if I fill the form 10 times in a single day, it will be filtered out and I’ll only receive a single token.

What is the proper way to request multiple auth tokens?


  1. We now have a new method for dispensing auth tokens, invites get sent withing about 10 minutes of your request being registered
  2. When you fill in the form at be sure to use Chrome or Firefox with ad-blockers disabled, otherwise you may not receive the invite.
  3. You cannot request another token until you have already claimed the previous one requested from the same IP.
  4. You cannot request more than 1 new token per day.

We put these measures in place exactly to avoid users spinning up hundreds of nodes simultaneously. There is no way to bulk-request auth tokens. This would only encourage centralization of nodes in a few datacenters, which is not what this network needs for resiliance.

Note that starting multiple nodes on the same IP/location will not result in getting more data than with a single node, and also, will greatly extend the time all these nodes will remain in vetting. So, best to run nodes in different locations and IPs, or if you must run them in the same machine, not start them up at the same time, preferably waiting for the next node to be started until the previously is almost full (these nodes will share bandwidth on the same IP).