Multiple storj nodes from same physical location each one using a different proxy to circumvent IP filtering

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Basically what the title says.
Because there is this limitation on traffic received using only one IP for multiple nodes, the idea is to route each node’s traffic through a different IP via a socks proxy or something like it.
Has anybody tried this? Is it even possible?

It’s against the idea of decentralization. You will put customers’ data to the danger.
Unhappy customers = no payouts
Also, it’s violation of with attempt to alter measures and constraints


how would the customer even be aware of this?

if your device going to offline with pieces of the same segment, there could be not enough pieces to recover the file.
Without described hack it is not possible to have a several pieces of the same segment in the one physical location

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Tried, this one, it is very expencive, as you need to pay for every external IP or proxy server, in the end you can pay more than get payd.

Not all services are costly.

It is however a concern to think about. Because people will definitely try this. Some obviously even have the balls to bring it up on the forum itself asking for help to “cheat the system” :smiley:
So you can be sure there probably already are some that are actively using such techniques.
Everthing that gives people an advantage/increase their payout will be abused by people.

The question is: What can and will STORJ do against it?

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The network will deal with it.
You should have a different IPs from a different subnets, the any proxy will slow down the connection, so the cancellation rate will be higher => less data. And you will have to pay for IPs, running the proxy (regarding resources) and so forth.
However, it will bring the customers data in danger. The network will be forced to spend more time and money to repair the data in case of big amount of data would be offline

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