Multipul Drives

I am setting up my NODE tonight and need to know how I do a few things and was hoping to have some help.

how do i set up 11 Drives that are 2TB each off my DELL server?

how do i LIMIT the bandwidth on the network to 300 so it does not interfear with my ability to work.

Can someone guide me thur this setup process?

On my dell server it is ctrl-r during boot to enter the raid setup. Raid 6 should be possible.
Then once it boots you should see it in the os…

Hello @thereverendd ,
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I would recommend to disconnect or shutdown 10 drives for now and start only with one.
When it would be almost full - start the second drive and the second node using a new generated identity, new authorization token and different ports.

We do not recommend to use RAID, we recommend to use one node per HDD. See RAID vs No RAID choice for reasons.

We treats all nodes behind the same /24 subnet of public IPs as a one node for uploads (ingress), and as a different ones for downloads by the customers (egress from your node), audits and uptime checks.
Adding more nodes will not increase your ingress, they all will get the same amount of ingress as a one node, we want to be decentralized as much as possible.
As result - multiple nodes would act as a big RAID on the network level.

Since it will be a one node from the network perspective anyway - you do not need to limit your bandwidth.
The storagenode software have no way to limit the traffic, we want to provide a best experience to our customers.

Each new node must be vetted. The unvetted node can receive only 5% of uploads from the customers until got vetted. To be vetted on one satellite, your node should pass 100 audits from it. For the one node it should take not less than a month.
Multiple vetting nodes could increase the vetting period.

Please, take a look on this Realistic earnings estimator to have an idea how long it may take to fill up all that space and how much you may earn.

We recommend to use only what you have now and what will be online anyway - with Storj or without. In that case all costs already paid and the earnings from nodes would be a nice discount to your bills.
Please, calculate all economics (include power costs) before start, if you expect to have a ROI.


I have 130TB of data, and it even nearly dont use more than 120mbit all together, so no need to limit.