My node has been disqualified: what do I do with the datas, will my held amount be paid?

Due to bad manipulations during a transfer, my node has been disqualified on 4 satellites.
It is still running on saltlake satellite (but it may be a question of time).

Will datas be erased, can I do it by myself ? Can I filter blobs by satellites ?
And at least I have a small amount held, will it be paid ?

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try to do a GE on saltlake if the node is over the current 6 month GE minimum requirement.

Your numbers add up to 5 but there are 6 satellites. I’d wait for official advice before deleting anything, but here is a list of satellites and their blobs folders that I have collected. As a human, I make mistakes sometimes so you might want to double check the accuracy of this list if you can. It would be unfortunate if the folder for a working satellite got deleted.

Satellite ID:118UWpMCHzs6CvSgWd9BfFVjw5K9pZbJjkfZJexMtSkmKxvvAW
Blobs Folder:abforhuxbzyd35blusvrifvdwmfx4hmocsva4vmpp3rgqaaaaaaa

Satellite ID:121RTSDpyNZVcEU84Ticf2L1ntiuUimbWgfATz21tuvgk3vzoA6
Blobs Folder:qstuylguhrn2ozjv4h2c6xpxykd622gtgurhql2k7k75wqaaaaaa

Satellite ID:12EayRS2V1kEsWESU9QMRseFhdxYxKicsiFmxrsLZHeLUtdps3S
Blobs Folder:ukfu6bhbboxilvt7jrwlqk7y2tapb5d2r2tsmj2sjxvw5qaaaaaa

Satellite ID:12L9ZFwhzVpuEKMUNUqkaTLGzwY9G24tbiigLiXpmZWKwmcNDDs
Blobs Folder:v4weeab67sbgvnbwd5z7tweqsqqun7qox2agpbxy44mqqaaaaaaa

Satellite ID:1wFTAgs9DP5RSnCqKV1eLf6N9wtk4EAtmN5DpSxcs8EjT69tGE
Blobs Folder:pmw6tvzmf2jv6giyybmmvl4o2ahqlaldsaeha4yx74n5aaaaaaaa

Satellite ID:12rfG3sh9NCWiX3ivPjq2HtdLmbqCrvHVEzJubnzFzosMuawymB
blobs folder:6r2fgwqz3manwt4aogq343bfkh2n5vvg4ohqqgggrrunaaaaaaaa

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@Mark You are right, there is also asia-east but with very few datas from it.
@SGC my node is too young but there is just a few dollars.

Thank you for your replies.

No, held amount gets paid if you don’t get disqualified, as an incentive to take care of your node.

Good question, it would be convenient if the storagenode erased data for a satellite when disqualified, so someone can keep running the node for other satellites without losing capacity to unpaid data.

try to figure out what the problem was… then you most likely just want to start over… DQ irreversible, so long as it wasn’t a major storj error… and you won’t be going far with just one satellite… ofc without knowing what the problem was… odds are you will run into it again… and again… so learn from this failure.

try to figure out what the problem was

I used aufs to make a stack of hard drive, and then bcache to use a ssd as cache.
It was done as an experimentation of this tools and of storj infrastructure.

So I rebuild my config with one node per disk and I think it will be more reliable.

harddrives are pretty unreliable… adding more than one together in a span multiplies your chances of errors in the data… also if you got a bad cable or whatever all of a sudden 1/3 or whatever of the data is inaccessible to the node… and it will quickly throw a fit and get you suspended or DQ

the storagenode can be quite sensitive to errors in the data…

one node per disk is a perfectly good way to start… its nice and easy to work with and easy to setup…